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PIPE-FLO is the engineering software STANDARD for liquid and gas piping FLO-system modeling, integrated pump curve data and Digital Twin analytics for total project lifecycle management.

Trusted & Proven Worldwide

Across a diverse collection of industry verticals.


Engineering Design​

Eliminate the need for manual calculations


Power Generation

Identify efficiency opportunities


Mining & Metal

Lower energy costs and reduce carbon footprint



Reduce costs and increase system uptime


Data Centers

Optimize system performance and eliminate energy waste


Food & Beverage

Optimize each operation to minimize energy expenses



Troubleshoot, anticipate and avert emergencies


Pulp & Paper

Identify steps to increase profitability



Capture energy savings in extreme conditions


Water & Wastewater

Help engineers investigate lower cost alternatives



Reduce energy cost through efficient design and operation


Oil & Gas

Increase system reliability and system uptime

A pipe flo software book for digital twin modeling

Digital Twin
Thought Leadership

Our founder, Ray Hardee, literally wrote the book on how Digital Twin modeling is revolutionizing fluid systems management.

It's required reading for anyone who designs, operates or manages mission critical piping installations. Coming Q4 2020. We will share blog excerpts starting in August.

The Engineering Standard

We created this software category and continue to lead through innovation.

Accuracy & Productivity

Our ‘core calculation algorithm’ has been proven on hundreds of thousands of system models and billions of calculations.

Usability & Communication

Recognized for our ease of use and shareable documentation. Create piping system models you'll be proud to stamp your name on.

Best-in-class Functionality

PIPE-FLO has been committed to continuous product evolution and thought leadership since the 1980's. The voice of our users drives our actions.

Pump Curve Library

PUMP-FLO is the industry's most comprehensive library of pump curve data and fully integrated into the PIPE-FLO solution.

Certification Training & Support

The FLO-Master Academy offers online engineer-led certification training for rapid onboarding and building skill fluency.

Digital Twin Cornerstone

PIPE-FLO system models are the cornerstone for realizing the transformational benefits of a Digital Twin and Industry 4.0 strategy.

Project Lifecycle Management

Design > Build > Commission > Troubleshoot > Forecast

Rapid Time to Value

Ease of use combined with onboarding support and continuing education training from the FLO-Master Academy delivers rapid time to value and sustains it.


Environmental Stewardship

Piping systems are expensive to design, build and operate.
They are also voracious consumers of energy and notoriously energy inefficient.

PIPE-FLO is the data model foundation of any Green Industry initiative and uniquely positioned to identify, quantify, and validate the capture of SYSTEM energy efficiency opportunities.

A book for digital twin modeling with software pipe flow

Digital Twin Advanced Analytics

A robust PIPE-FLO model is the CORNERSTONE of a fluid piping system's Digital Twin strategy.

When applying Digital Twin technology to fluid piping systems, the primary focus is to minimize unplanned outages, along with methods to reduce capital, operating, and maintenance costs, during the entire project lifecycle.

Virtual certification training from PIPE-FLO engineers.

flo software training program on software pipe flow

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A software pipe flow program which helps on how to measure pressure in a pipe

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