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The FLO-Master Academy is the industry's premier training and product certification platform for both PIPE-FLO and PUMP-FLO software solutions. 

  • Accessible certification training and fluid systems industry education to support rapid time to value and the continuing skills development across all proficiency levels.
  • With our Virtual Instructor-Led Training Platform(VILT), it has never been easier, or more convenient, to master PIPE-FLO and tackle even the most complex piping system challenges.
  • Certified FLO-Masters are able to build PIPE-FLO system models faster, tackle the most complex piping projects, and can create and optimize piping systems for efficient operation, maintenance and use of capital.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

The ability to learn from and interact with your PIPE-FLO engineer instructor & peers in real-time from the comfort of your home or office.

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  • Every FLO-Master Academy course is designed & taught by our PIPE-FLO engineers.
  • Work on piping system models that are taken from real-world examples, with your instructor able to provide real-time feedback
  • Our virtual environment provides all the tools you’ll need, including a provided PIPE-FLO license, so there’s no need to worry about a license being tied up during training.

Course Curriculum

A robust and expanding course menu for certification, application and fluid handling industry education.

  • (18) courses over three certification levels with significantly more courses rolling out this year.
  • PUMP-FLO certification courses coming soon.
  • 4hr and 2hr class lengths.
  • Now supporting Spanish language classes.
  • All classes are PDH-eligible.


With 3 levels of Certification, it’s easy for our users to demonstrate their level of PIPE-FLO knowledge to their peers and employers and for companies to know that the engineers they are working with truly know the ins and outs of PIPE-FLO.

  • Each of our three certification level (100, 200, 300) requires a minimum of 16 credit hours, for a total of 48 Credit Hours to achieve full, Level 3 FLO-Master Certification.
  • Certification levels are completed in sequence, so you complete your Level 1 Certification before you can earn your Level 2. Experienced PIPE-FLO users can get Level 1 credit for their accumulated experience.
  • Plus, with a tamper-proof, block-chain secured, digital badging, verifying a Certification is as easy as clicking the badge on LinkedIn (or any professional networking site) or following the unique link they can provide with their resume.

FLO-Master Scholarships

Unlimited FLO-Master Academy Courses for You or Your Company

  • Unlimited access to the entire FLO-Master curriculum for a year.
  • Great for those wanting to achieve FLO-Master Certification levels.
  • Allows for repeating a class to refresh or deepen your knowledge.
  • Explore and expand your skills throughout the year with a single purchase.

Certification training without leaving your laptop.

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Lab courses are delivered in single, easily consumable online sessions of either 2 or 4 hours, depending on the topic being covered. The course catalog located here includes the duration for each class. In an effort to provide you with options to fit within your day, classes may be scheduled in either morning or afternoon, with start times typically at 8 AM or 1 PM Pacific.

Classes have elements of both instructional teaching and hands-on labs using PIPE-FLO on a virtual lab machine for balanced learning and better retention of concepts and skills.

Courses are cloud-based and delivered on the web through a virtual instructor-led training platform. The platform allows attendees to interact with each other and with the instructor collectively and independently as if they were all in the same classroom.

You can ask the instructor verbally or through a private chat included with the platform any question you may have during the class.

Most classes include outlines and exercises depending on the specific topic which are shared during the class.

Yes. We feel that in order to use the PIPE-FLO platform properly you need to have a good understanding of the underlying theory, so in addition to direct how-to content, we make sure you understand the foundational concepts.

Since no two PIPE-FLO users are the same and PIPE-FLO has many capabilities and applications, we offer a wide variety of classes covering basic functionality to complex system troubleshooting and more are being added.

Because of the benefit of hands-on interactive content in learning how to use PIPE-FLO, our primary focus is live, scheduled training. So for now, all of our courses are taught live by our PIPE-FLO engineers.

Because the classes are virtually live, interactive, and include attendees from different customers and industries, we do not provide recordings of public classes out of respect for the privacy of you and our customers.

Yes, the shopping cart allows you to purchase one or many classes in the same cart.

You’ll receive a thank you note with instructions for logging in, testing your connection, and an access code to get you into the portal.

No download or install is required to take the training, and that includes PIPE-FLO. Since PIPE-FLO is loaded on the virtual machine in the training platform’s lab, you can take the class even if you don’t have PIPE-FLO loaded on your machine.

However, when possible, we recommend taking your Academy courses on the same device that you use to model in PIPE-FLO. Just access the class through the portal on the web through your browser.

There is no need to reserve one of your company’s licenses in order to take the class. The virtual machine in the on-line lab is already licensed to run a fully-featured PIPE-FLO instance.

Yes, we grant PDHs for FLO-Master Academy classes commensurate with the content and length of the course.

There are three levels of certification designated by the number of stars in the certificate – 1, 2, or 3. Level 1 is to understand the basic workings of PIPE-FLO and can effectively create and work with PIPE-FLO models. Level 2 demonstrates the attainment of more advanced applied knowledge in hydraulic modeling, and Level 3 certifies you as a PIPE-FLO expert, equipped to tackle the most difficult and complex system issues.

It is highly recommended you obtain Level 1 certification before signing up for Level 2 or Level 3 courses as we don’t go back over the basics in the higher level classes. However, you must obtain certification at Level 1 before you can be granted Level 2 certification, and likewise obtaining Level 2 certification before you are granted Level 3.

It is highly recommended you obtain Level 1 certification before signing up for Level 2 or Level 3 courses as we don’t go back over the basics in the higher level classes. However, you must obtain certification at Level 1 before you can be granted Level 2 certification, and likewise obtaining Level 2 certification before you are granted Level 3.

Each level of certification requires a minimum of 16 hours of instruction at that Level, and requires that you receive each Certification in numerical order. When you have completed the requisite training, we will provide you with your certification.

As for each course you complete, you will receive a digital certificate of completion as proof you have completed the course, not to be confused with your Level 1, 2, & 3 FLO-Master Certifications.

In recognition of our longer-term users, if you have a number of years of experience with demonstrated competency, we accept that for Level 1 certification. Contact us at if you believe this applies to you. We don’t have programs to “testing out” of Level 2 or Level 3 requirements.

Yes, when you enroll in any FLO-Master Academy class just let us know when you took the 2-day FLO-Master course, either on-site at your facility or one of our regional in-person classes, and we’ll credit that to your Level 1 certification.

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