The PIPE-FLO team is excited to share our latest quarterly release.  We’re committed to meaningful quarterly releases and v17.4 continues to raise the bar on usability, capability and support.

Our product roadmap for 2021 is ambitious and includes internal system enhancements to enable and support Digital Twin integration.

v17.4 Key Highlights

PIPE-FLO User Forum

  • Collaborate and learn from other users 
  • Stay up to date and get access to FAQ, Tips & Tricks, Feature Request pages and more
  • Currently in Beta, your can test drive it at

Pipe scaling

  • Investigate the effect of internal scaling in the pipe reducing its inner diameter     
  • Easy to use by entering in % ID restriction on pipe specification  

Set units to SI or Imperial with one click

  • You asked and we listened
  • No need any longer to change individual items

New Reports

  • Quickly share overall system performance with others
  • Access all pump performance data in one place 
  • Show pump operating cost and operating point as percentage of BEP      

New “Universal Pipe” tables 

  • Easily enter in unique incremental pipes sizes to represent new pipe types     

Enhanced calculations     

  • Independent systems solved separately on the same FLO-sheet   
  • Calculation speed improvements     

Automatically update and create new fluid zones      

  • Quickly adjust fluids to improve accuracy

See v17.4 In Action On The Video Below

17.4 Release Features

Accessing v17.4

  • For users with Active Maintenance & Software Assurance (M&SA) and are on v17:
  • For user with Active M&SA but still on v16.2 or prior:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 1), email [email protected] and our PIPE-FLO Support Team will be in touch shortly to issue you your upgrade.
  • For users with Expired M&SA or TechNet agreement:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 2) or email [email protected] and one of our dedicated experts will talk you through your upgrade options. 

If you have a corporate IT department, please contact them for guidance on how to receive your update.

On behalf of the entire PIPE-FLO Team, we appreciate your business.

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