With the launch of PIPE-FLO v17 we committed to quarterly releases of meaningful enhancements. 

We’re delighted to share that that commitment continues today with our Fall release of v17.3. Key enhancements and improvements include:

  • Added Duct Devices:
    • For gas distribution systems (HVAC)
    • Circular or rectangular
    • Easy to upgrade older models
    • View a short demo video at this link
  • Added Non Newtonian Fluid Analysis:
    • Model shear thinning/thickening fluids via Power Law method
    • Convert any existing model by changing fluid zone properties
    • View a short demo video at this link
  • Added “Save As” earlier version option
    • Supports version 17.1 and 17.2
  • Added “Reset Text Position” option
    • Resets text to default position for the entire model to help stay organized
  • Added ability for the user to specify initial velocity guess for liquids and gasses
    • Enhances calculation speeds
  • Added ability to select the friction factor method for compressible calculations

You can review the 17.3 Fall Release Notes for ADVANTAGE and PROFESSIONAL at these links

Accessing v17.3

  • For users with Active Maintenance & Software Assurance (M&SA) or TechNet agreements and are on v17:
    • Download the update here and once installed you are ready to start using these new advanced features. On the Support page, click on the ‘Downloads, Installers & Activation’ tab of the FAQ Navigation. Then, expand the ‘PIPE-FLO Installer files’ content where you will find the 17.3 files download link.


      PIPE-FLO Advantage (17.3)

      PIPE-FLO Professional (17.3)

  • For user with Active M&SA or TechNet agreement but on v16.2 or prior:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 1), email [email protected] and our PIPE-FLO Support Team will be in touch shortly to issue you your upgrade.
  • For users with Expired M&SA or TechNet agreement:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 2) or email [email protected] and one of our dedicated experts will talk you through your upgrade options. 

If you have a corporate IT department, please contact them for guidance on how to receive your update.

On behalf of the entire PIPE-FLO Team, thank you for your business and continued support. More than ever, you can “KNO w/the FLO“.

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