Engineering You A Custom Solution

PIPE-FLO proudly serves the fluid system modeling and calculations needs of a broad array of industries, project lifecycle applications and company sizes. Understanding your unique needs is the first step towards engineering for you a custom solution. For this reason, we don't publish pricing.


Model any piping system
Quick start set up
Device library
Customer device profiles
Size piping systems
Pump sizing & selection
Control valve sizing & balancing
Pressure drop calculations
Troubleshoot piping systems
Optimize piping systems
Energy Cost analysis
Water Hammer analysis
Report templates
Data Automation module
Overtime simulation module
Incompressible fluids analysis
Compressible fluids analysis
Dedicated machine license option
Subscription pricing option
FLO-Master Academy training
Knowledge Base resource
User Forum
Donated educational software
Unlimited # of pipes


What type of modeling does PIPE-FLO support?

No matter what kind of piping system you have PIPE FLO can handle it. This can be a simple system with just a few pipes getting pressure and flow parameters, or complex with thousands of pipes, pumps, valves, and other components all interconnected in loops and branches.

Is PIPE-FLO a good fit with my industry?

Of course, we have built PIPE FLO to be open so that it can handle the rigors of any industry, which is why we operate in so many of them! Some industries need to be extremely accurate (Nuclear, High Tech Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical), while others are more focused on speed and throughput (HVAC, oil & gas, mining, water/wastewater).  Regardless of your specific focus, PIPE FLO can handle any custom components and help make business decisions fast.

How quickly will I realize value?

PIPE-FLO is the most intuitive hydraulic modeling software on the market. Even though PIPE-FLO makes modeling piping systems easy, we recognize that any software has a learning curve. With our FLO-Master Academy users can get up and running quickly, by taking live, instructor led 2-4 hour courses online. This allows users to actively work in the software, and learn from fellow engineers. We also offer live technical support, a user forum and comprehensive Knowledge Base.

Is PIPE-FLO for design or operations?

Both and more! Of course PIPE-FLO is used when bidding and designing new or modified systems. PIPE-FLO is often brought in for troubleshooting or getting more productivity from systems, but once in operations PIPE-FLO becomes a vital component. A common question before making changes becomes “does PIPE FLO say it will work?”.

How accurate is PIPE-FLO?

As accurate as you need it to be. We calculate out to 17 decimal places, but that doesn’t mean you need to. PIPE-FLO is as accurate as the information you enter in your model. You can enter in just your main components, or everything in between.

How does PIPE-FLO help me perform my job better?

PIPE-FLO provides consistency in calculations and communications. With built in standards from ASME, ASTM, HI, IEC, AWWA, ISA, ANSI, TEMA,  and more. PIPE-FLO allows you to focus on the design rather than confusing and outdated spreadsheets.

Why should we shift from our spreadsheets to PIPE-FLO?
What insights can PIPE-FLO provide about system operations?

System and component operating costs, choke points, system health, current operation vs design vs future state, pump operation, what-if scenarios, and much more.

Virtual certification training from PIPE-FLO engineers without having to travel.

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