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  • The Engineering Standard: PIPE-FLO created the fluid system modeling and calculation software category and remains the category leader and innovator. It’s trusted worldwide by blue chip brands across a broad array of industries.
  • Accuracy & Precision: Built on the mathematical foundation of Crane’s TP-410 and refined on 35+ yrs worth of models, we calculate out to 17 decimal places.
  • Speed: Those that switch from our competitors rave about how fast PIPE-FLO is. With the click of a button, everything updates at once.
  • Usability: PIPE-FLO is the most intuitive hydraulic modeling software on the market. We make modeling piping systems easy.
  • Continued Innovation: You can expect frequent and consistent product enhancement and innovation as we execute our ambitious product roadmap.

Advanced functionality to take you from
Design to Digital Twin

And a commitment to continuous and meaningful product enhancements and innovations.

  • Lifecycle System Reference Model: PIPE-FLO System models are the performance reference document for the lifecycle of a fluid processing system. “As-Calculated” > “As-Built” > “As-Operated” > “As-Measured” > “As-Simulated”.
  • Data Automation: Take your model to the next level by automating the transfer of data in and out. Keep your model up to date and get notified of future issues, regardless of who is changing your design parameters.
  • Overtime Model Simulations: Make your model smart by adding in customized rules and logic. Run through thousands of scenarios and complex system interactions quickly. Understand your system to help make business critical decisions.
  • File Integrations: Save time and money by importing your CAD model files into PIPE-FLO. Have models built on competitive software? We have a solution for that too.
  • System Power Cost Analysis: Achieving your sustainability objectives begins with knowing how energy is being consumed within your fluid processing system, identifying inefficiencies and then capturing them.
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Rapid time to value , certification training

We recognize that any software has a learning curve. With our online FLO-Master Academy users can access
our faculty of PIPE-FLO engineers without leaving their office.

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  • FLO-Master Academy: The industry’s premier training and product certification platform. Learn from PIPE-FLO engineers and distinguished guest faculty without having to travel.
  • Support: It addition to the most robust Knowledge Base in the category, our User Forum is moderated by PIPE-FLO engineers.
  • Subscription Pricing: PIPE-FLO is now available in an annual subscription so you can tailor your solution to meet your usage needs.

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