Can I get a recording of the class?

Because the classes are virtually live, interactive, and include attendees from different customers and industries, we do not provide recordings of public classes out of respect for the privacy of you and our customers.

What if I have a question during the class?

You can ask the instructor verbally or through a private chat included with the platform any question you may have during the class.

Are the classes lecture or labs?

Classes have elements of both instructional teaching and hands-on labs using PIPE-FLO on a virtual lab machine for balanced learning and better retention of concepts and skills.

Do I need to have PIPE-FLO or other software installed on my computer?

No download or install is required to take the training, and that includes PIPE-FLO. Since PIPE-FLO is loaded on the virtual machine in the training platform’s lab, you can take the class even if you don’t have PIPE-FLO loaded on your machine. However, when possible, we recommend taking your Academy courses on the same device […]

Do I need to use one of my company’s licenses during the class?

There is no need to reserve one of your company’s licenses in order to take the class. The virtual machine in the on-line lab is already licensed to run a fully-featured PIPE-FLO instance.

How are the courses delivered?

Courses are cloud-based and delivered on the web through a virtual instructor-led training platform. The platform allows attendees to interact with each other and with the instructor collectively and independently as if they were all in the same classroom.

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