Backing Up Your Engineering Files: Installing the latest version of PIPE-FLO will replace your existing My Engineering Files subfolders with newer versions. If you made changes to these folders, make a backup of those files in an alternate location. You can then replace your custom files and Tables back to My Engineering Files after program installation is complete.

Group Policy Permissions: When installing PIPE-FLO in an environment with Group Policy software installation restrictions, you will need to add the exceptions as followed:

  • PIPE-FLO Advantage
    • %AppData%\Temp\PIPE-FLO Advantage Installer.exe
    • %localAppData%\Temp\PIPE-FLO Advantage Installer.exe
  • PIPE-FLO Professional
    • %AppData%\Temp\PIPE-FLO Professional Installer.exe
    • %localAppData%\Temp\PIPE-FLO Professional Installer.exe

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