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FM 201 – Modeling Simple Open Path Systems in PIPE-FLO (4 Hours)

FM 201 teaches users how to combine the various devices they mastered in the FM100 series classes into simple open path piping systems and sub-systems for a greater understanding of their operation and design. Students will learn the engineering principles and applications associated with these types of systems, and hands-on exercises will reinforce learning how to use PIPE-FLO to size equipment, understand system behavior and interactions under various conditions, and troubleshoot issues. Course Objectives:
  • Learn how to create digital twins of single path systems and subsystems
  • See how components interact in open-path systems
  • Learn how to troubleshoot model issues and messages
  • See how PIPE-FLO’s Lineup feature allows system evaluation under different operating conditions
  • Put learnings into practice by designing open path systems in both liquid and gas applications
  • Reinforce the modeling workflow for open-path systems
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