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In 2020 we donated over $15M in PIPE-FLO software to over 40 educational institutions, spanning 4 continents and reaching over 1000+
fluid engineering students each semester.

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  • Marketable Skills: Students can enter the workforce with essential industry skills and proficiency in the industry-standard fluid system modeling software solution.
  • Fully functional: Our educational software has the full functionality of PIPE-FLO. The only limitation is a 25 pipe maximum system size.
  • Donated Software: To be considered for participation in this program, instructors should contact us using the form link below. Student’s requests need to be through their instructor.
  • Crane’s Flow Of Fluids TP-410: is an engineering reference staple and foundational to PIPE-FLO’s calculation engine. It’s the perfect companion to any class on fluid engineering mechanics and as its publisher, we can provide direct sales through our eCommerce store.

We've partnered with the leading fluid
engineering text book

If you are using this text book PIPE-FLO is an integrated, free companion for your students.

  • Broad Application: For all fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and related courses in Mechanical, Manufacturing, Chemical, Fluid Power, and Civil Engineering Technology and Engineering programs
  • Fully Integrated: The 7th edition offers new real-world example problems and integrates the use of world-renowned PIPE-FLO® software for piping system analysis and design.
  • Free To Students: Instructors have access to free educational versions of the popular PIPE-FLO® software to provide to students to complete select activities.
A book to better understand pipe flow software

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