Don’t ‘Over-FEED’ Your Pumps

Don’t ‘Over-FEED’ Your Pumps Trying to Insure Against Uncertainty During Design Can Lead to Inflated Requirements, Over-Sized Pumps and Operational Headaches By Ray Hardee The Story: Sometimes Engineers Can Be Both Safe and Sorry Oversizing pumps is insurance for early-stage design uncertainties. Creating specifications for a pump system usually takes a long time, and pump […]

Celebrating the Birth of Digital Twins

The ability to virtually model piping system performance is a huge win across your organization

Solving a Problem “Beyond the Pump”

We may unintentionally not identify underlying conditions that, if intelligently confronted, can result in significant savings or performance improvements.

When More Planning (vs Pumps) Is The Answer

When More Planning (vs Pumps) Is The Answer By Ray Hardee The Story: Finding the Right Way to Increase Makeup Water System Capacity What’s really required is a more careful examination of an entire system to find a solution that meets the business needs of the organization The expression “less is more” usually doesn’t ring […]

Digital Twin: Piping System Fundamentals

The Digital Twin has become the latest next generation of technology by delivering insights throughout the project lifecycle. A Digital Twin is not a program, an equipment database, or a CAD package. It is a virtual model of a physical system providing insights through the project lifecycle. The goals of a Digital Twin can be summarized as, […]

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