Solving a Problem “Beyond the Pump”

We may unintentionally not identify underlying conditions that, if intelligently confronted, can result in significant savings or performance improvements.

FLO Master Academy: All You Need To KNO

FLO Master Academy: All You Need To KNO With our Virtual Instructor-Led Training Platform [VILT], it has never been easier, or more convenient, to master PIPE-FLO and tackle even the most complex piping system challenges. Shortly after the Covid-19 quarantine went into effect we launched the FLO Master Academy to support our users with virtual […]

When More Planning (vs Pumps) Is The Answer

When More Planning (vs Pumps) Is The Answer By Ray Hardee The Story: Finding the Right Way to Increase Makeup Water System Capacity What’s really required is a more careful examination of an entire system to find a solution that meets the business needs of the organization The expression “less is more” usually doesn’t ring […]

Digital Twin: Piping System Fundamentals

The Digital Twin has become the latest next generation of technology by delivering insights throughout the project lifecycle. A Digital Twin is not a program, an equipment database, or a CAD package. It is a virtual model of a physical system providing insights through the project lifecycle. The goals of a Digital Twin can be summarized as, […]

unique flo software from pipe-flo for software pipe flow
PIPE-FLO’s Unique Software Heritage

User-friendly, state-of-the-art software surrounds a core of immutable excellence By Richard Sterman Chief Technology Officer, ESI What gives PIPE-FLO its well-earned reputation as the world’s leading performance analytics software for piping systems? In my observation, it’s two foundational things, present when PIPE-FLO was first developed in the 1980s and just as crucial as we enter […]

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