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In the beginning...
  • PIPE-FLO 1.0 is born

    In 1981, Ray Hardee writes his first program quantifying pump head loss on a Texas Instruments programmable calculator, while his partner, Carolyn Popp, and he develop PIPE-FLO Version 1 for the nascent (and soon to explode) PC software market.

  • ESI is founded

    A year later, Ray and Carolyn establish Engineered Software Inc. in the community of Olympia, Washington’s state capital. Ray publishes his first article on how engineers can use personal computers and PC software to solve real-life problems.


  • Pipe-FLO 2.0 and the FLO-Series introduced

    As they add functionality to PIPE-FLO, over the next four years Ray and Carolyn develop a series of follow-on software products to support it; they exhibit their product family at trade shows around the USA. Over the decades, PIPE-FLO will be continually enhanced and remain the state-of-the-art in fluid-flow analysis and design modeling platform; but its core engine will remain intact into the 2020s—an enduring symbol of the immutable excellence of PIPE-FLO’s technology and heritage.

  • ESI enters the world of Windows

    The company begins to move to the emerging standard in desktop computing platforms, Microsoft Windows®, by re-engineering its software family starting with PUMP-FLO.

  • Pipe-FLO goes into orbit with the Space Shuttle

    Lockheed Martin chooses PIPE-FLO to help it design a new HVAC system for NASA and the Space Shuttle. Because of the shuttle’s small system elements, ESI adapts PIPE-FLO to this unique application.

  • Pipe-FLO for Windows debuts

    In the mid-1990s, ESI introduces the first versions of PIPE-FLO and other members of its software family designed expressly to support Microsoft Windows® 2.0.  ESI is hailed by Microsoft as one of the pioneering MS-Windows applications software companies in a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal.

  • A new home for a growing company

    ESI moves into its own, purpose-built facility in Lacey, WA, in 1996, as the company continues to grow steadily to 20+ people. (In 2006, as it continues to grow and prosper—and approaches its 25th birthday—ESI will move to a new and even larger facility at its Lacey site.)

  • Planting the seeds of a fruitful alliance

    ESI offers its programming expertise and technology to Crane Valve North America as a basis for Crane’s Flow of Fluids companion software. ESI helps create a reliable, highly functional, and easy to maintain and support solution that’s compatible with PUMP-FLO.

  • Major industry recognition

    Re-born and re-coded as an integrated pipe system modeling solution running on Windows 98, PIPE-FLO—along with PUMP-FLO Web—are hailed as 2000’s “Products of the Year” by Plant Services magazine

  • A joint development breakthrough

    ESI enters a Joint Development Agreement with Big Machines to launch its CPQ application into the Pump Manufacturers market with a branded version of PUMP-FLO.  That application is now owned and operated by Oracle.  In 2002, PUMP-FLO “earns its wings” by becoming a separate business unit of ESI.

  • Pipe-FLO and family go global, green and for the Gold

    In 2002, PIPE-FLO is chosen by the organizers of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games in the design and operation of its athletic facilities. In 2006, the company introduces German, French, Spanish and Italian-language versions of PUMP-FLO. ESI sponsors the educational organization Pump Systems Matter™, reaching out to the pump systems industry about energy efficiency.

  • Mentoring engineers in multiple ways

    In 2008, the company launches a Training Division. Ray himself teaches the first class on piping system basics and publishes his first technical book, Piping System Fundamentals. In 2016, Pump Systems Matter recognized Ray’s lifetime of contributions to the industry with their Leadership Award at the Hydraulic Institute’s (HI) Annual Conference.

  • Building an entrprise-grade software foundation

    Under the leadership of CEO Christy Bermensolo, an enterprise-grade software development team, processes, and infrastructure foundation were established to position the company for rapid scaling.

    Smashing the 100,000-user barrier in June 2007—and the 150,000 mark in August 2008—PUMP-FLO hits new highs in the number of registered users. ESI offers over 100 different pump catalogs for both PIPE-FLO and the Crane Flow of Fluids

  • Leading global organizations confirm PIPE-FLO as industry standard

    PIPE-FLO adoption among visionary organizations include:

    • Global enterprises like Albemarle Chemical, BASF, Bechtel Corporation, Chevron Phillips, Dow Rohm & Haas, Honeywell International, the Jacobs Engineering Group, Mitsubishi, Monsanto, Shell Global Solutions (a division of Shell Oil), Intel, and many more.
    • Utilities such as Con Edison, Entergy, Southern Company, the Los Angeles Sanitation District.
    • Major academic institutions such as MIT and Georgia Tech, and federal agencies such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • ESI offers PUMP-FLO as a web service

    The company signs an agreement with Xylem Inc., one of our largest clients, to provide custom programming that allows PUMP-FLO to run “under the hood” as a web service on their website. The company also offers web services to Configure One as part of its CPQ application.

  • Tom Suter named CEO

    In 2019, Tom Suter joined ESI as its CEO with a mandate to drive growth through innovation and customer experience.

  • Version 17.0 Launched

    PIPE-FLO v17.0 is released to critical and customer acclaim.  A significant technology enhancement, v17.0 enhanced PIPE-FLO ability to deliver on its unique ‘digital twin cornerstone’ capabilities to enable the benefits of Industry 4.0 strategy.

  • FLO-Master Academy Launched

    In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the FLO-Master Academy is launched to deliver virtual instructor-led PIPE-FLO training.  A comprehensive curriculum offering three levels of certification is delivered online by PIPE-FLO engineers.

  • Software Donations to Educational Institutions

    PIPE-FLO works with domestic and international educational institutions to provide their students the opportunity to learn hydraulic analysis hands-on with industry-leading software at no cost, giving them practical experience and skills they can use throughout their careers. We’re also committed to providing the industry with the next generation of hydraulic engineers.  Software donations in the first half of 2020 exceed $5.0 million.

  • PIPE-FLO Brand Relaunch

    Reasserting its market leadership position, a refreshed PIPE-FLO logo and website is introduced, positioning the brand as the ‘engineering standard’ for fluid piping system modeling from “design to digital twin”.

...more to come!
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