Promise Made. Promises Kept.

Promise made. Promises kept.  We’re committed to quarterly releases of meaningful feature and functionality enhancements.  That commitment continues on April 2 with the v17.5 release of PIPE-FLO.

Highlights include:

  • New System Power & Cost Calculations
    • View power input and loss to all devices! 
    • Customize electric rate, percentage of time system is operating, and length of the calculation 
    • Colorize model by power and cost usage Gradient Colors feature 
    • View system power and cost distribution on automatically created charts 
  • Added ability to set number of significant digits displayed
    • PIPE-FLO calculates out to 17 decimal places, but you can customize what you see to make it more readable and relevant 
  • Added ability to change pipe line thickness
    • Make reports stand out with bolder graphics 
  • Overtime Simulation Module Improvements
    • Do more with Overtime by automatically running it through the Data Automation module 
    • Added ability to copy & paste into input curves 
    • Collaborate and investigate more by exporting the event log or using updated Overtime Report 
    • Enhanced rules and warnings 

v17.5 Videos


How To Access to v17.5

  • For users with Active Maintenance & Software Assurance (M&SA) and are on v17:
  • For user with Active M&SA but still on v16.2 or prior:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 1), email [email protected] and our PIPE-FLO Support Team will be in touch shortly to issue you your upgrade.
  • For users with Expired M&SA or TechNet agreement:
    • Please call 1 (800) 786-8545 (press 2) or email sales@pipe-flo. com and one of our dedicated experts will talk you through your upgrade options.

If you have a corporate IT department, please contact them for guidance on how to receive your update.

Release Notes

Application of the System Power Cost

This recent blog goes into greater detail on the origin and application of the new System Power Cost functionality.

Piping systems represent a major asset in facilities in the industrial, municipal, and commercial markets. These systems are expensive to design, build, operate, and maintain and their efficient operation has a major impact of their financial success and associated sustainability initiatives.

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