Announcing PIPE-FLO version 16.2 End Of Life effective August 1, 2021.

At that time we will no longer be supporting nor will we be offering the ability to purchase support for this version. We highly encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of PIPE-FLO so access to your existing models  are not at risk.

Now it the time to upgrade to the latest version of PIPE-FLO

Throughout 2020, the PIPE-FLO team released quarterly software updates loaded with meaningful feature and functionality enhancements.  [details on the most recent v17.4 release] and the v17.5 release is coming soon.  We are committed to maintaining this pace of innovation in 2021 as well.

New Annual Subscription Option

We have a new program to reinstate expired PIPE-FLO v16.2 accounts that features converting your license to an annual subscription.

Moving to a subscription relationship offers you a number of compelling benefits:

  • The ability to add “SURGE” user capacity beyond your subscribed license count to meet short term increased user access needs.  For example, giving additional team members access to your PIPE-FLO model(s) for a month while avoiding the expense of purchasing additional licenses. 
  • Financial upgrade incentives for those who qualify
  • Access to all current and future PIPE-FLO software updates and new versions
  • Access to PIPE-FLO’s  FLO-Master Academy virtual online training platform and robust PED-eligible certification curriculum
  • No longer need to pay annual M&SA (support)as it is now included with an annual subscription

To discuss the details of our subscription upgrade program and answer any questions you may have, you can book a call using the calendar link below.

Best Regards,


Nancy Giorgio
Sales Operations Analyst

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